A long overdue “Thank You”

…to the Los Angeles art lovers, dance,and performing art audiences for making the first-run performances of Chelsea’s On Main a success.

Thanks also to all our friends, families and supporters for their efforts and volunteering their time to bring the first 5 performances of Chelsea’s On Main to the stage.

(back row, from left to right) Angela Hendersen, Nico O’Connor, Jake Mason, TeAngelo Bell, Giancarlo Robles, Javier Chavez, Stephanie Daniels, Monique “Smilee” Young  (front row) Miriam Peters-Wasmund, Laura Karklina, Kathlyne Pham, Gisele Losso
Saturday Night – Curtain Call(from left to right) Gisele Losso, Kathlyne Pham, Stephanie Daniels, Giancarlo Robles, Monique “Smilee” Young, TeAngelo Bell, Laura Karklina, Angela Hendersen, Javier Chavez, Miriam Peters-Wasmund, Jake Mason, Nico O’Connor
The Cast: Angela Henderson, Giancarlo Robles, Gisele Losso, Jake MasonJavier Chavez, Kathlyne Pham, Laura Karklina, Miriam Peters-Wasmund,Monique “Smilee” Young, Nico O’Connor, Stephanie Daniel, TeAngelo Bell

music by Mark Bramlett

written for the stage and produced by Thomas Valle-Guatemala

featuring artwerk from the following artists:

David Douthat and Sue Miller-Douthat

Frank Rozasy

Fernando Linhares

Andrea Swain

Giselle Jhunjhnuwala

Wawi Amasha

stage & lighting design: Xandra Marie Gabucan, the Artists Fieldmakeup: Nancie L. Rooney and Andrea Donnelee for Face The Makeupchoreography by Precision Choreography

wardrobe: Jessica Mauricio

videographer: Jeff Mandel

graphic design, logos, artwerk & cd design

by Thomas Valle-Guatemala & Ismael aNenigma

website built, programmed & maintained by Madmantics Media

video editing & audio mastering performed at The Madman’s Convenience

Soundtrack produced by Mark BramlettEngineered by John Maellaro, Tracy G., Thomas Valle-GuatemalaThe Musicians on the Soundtrack

Joe Luna, Stewart Jackson, Bronwyn Gisborne, Michael Gifone, The ‘Late Breaking’ Horns, Tracy G., Gratz Arias, Vince Washington, Denny Tate, Steve Hunter, Richard Blair

A Night at Chelsea’s”, “Samarian Lullaby” and “Tomorrow’s Train” originally arranged by John Maellaro

madmantics Written by: